[[t]nju͟ːtrəlaɪz, AM nu͟ːt-[/t]]
neutralizes, neutralizing, neutralized
(in BRIT, also use neutralise)
1) VERB To neutralize something means to prevent it from having any effect or from working properly.

[V n] The US is trying to neutralize the resolution in the UN Security Council...

[V n] The intruder smashed a window to get in and then neutralized the alarm system.

Derived words:
neutralization [[t]nju͟ːtrəlaɪze͟ɪʃ(ə)n, AM nu͟ːt-[/t]] N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

...the sale or neutralization of the suspected nuclear site.

2) VERB When a chemical substance neutralizes an acid, it makes it less acid.

[V n] Antacids are alkaline and they relieve pain by neutralizing acid in the contents of the stomach.

English dictionary. 2008.

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